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Physicals services offered in Montgomery Village, MD

If you need a physical for work, sports, school, or workers’ compensation, turn to Toseg Medical Center in Montgomery Village, Maryland. Certified registered nurse practitioner Olukemi Ogunmakinwa, CRNP, and her expert staff offer comprehensive physicals to evaluate your health and well-being. Call the office to learn more or use the online booking feature today.

Physicals Q&A

What are physicals?

Physicals are medical evaluations in which your primary care specialist assesses how healthy you are. Toseg Medical Center offers:

  • Annual physical exams
  • School physicals
  • Sports physicals
  • Work physicals
  • Workers’ compensation physicals

Regardless of the reason you need physicals, your Toseg Medical Center is here for you. They can detect or rule out potential medical problems to ensure you stay as healthy as possible.

How often should I schedule physicals?

Schedule a physical at Toseg Medical Center yearly to stay in good health or detect possible medical issues. You can schedule a physical exam if you develop new or unusual symptoms or need a physical for your job, school, or sports participation.

What should I expect during physicals?

During physicals at Toseg Medical Center, your primary care specialist often completes the following:

Vital signs check

Your provider weighs you, evaluates your body mass index (BMI), and checks your pulse, blood pressure, and other vital signs.

Medical history review

Your specialist reviews your medical history by asking questions about your family and personal history of disease, symptoms, medications, and lifestyle habits.

Physical exam

During a physical exam, your provider evaluates your eyes, ears, nose, throat, abdomen, reflexes, and more. They also listen to your breathing and heartbeat. When needed, they offer pelvic exams for women and prostate exams for men.

Diagnostic testing

If you need diagnostic testing for any reason, your Toseg Medical Center specialist offers convenient on-site options. Examples include blood tests, urine testing, nasal or throat swabs, COVID-19 testing, heart- and lung-function testing, X-rays, and other imaging procedures. 

You might also need vision testing, hearing tests, or drug and alcohol testing.


Your Toseg Medical Center provider offers treatments that allow you to heal from an injury or illness, or properly manage a disease. 

They may recommend medication prescriptions, lifestyle changes, substance use disorder treatment, or treatment from a specialist. If you’re a workers’ compensation patient, your specialist helps you get reimbursed for your care.

To schedule physicals at Toseg Medical Center for you or your child, call the office or use the online booking feature today.